Enviromental Responsibility

Humans have been trying to copy nature's engineering for decades. We believe that using natural and renewable fibers is essential to global citizenship. Redox Clothing is committed to creating ultra performance clothing with minimal environmental impact. We use materials derived from natural sources and procure these materials from environmentally friendly producers.

Merino Wool: Our merino comes from beautiful New Zealand. The wool is provided by local farmers. All sheep stations that supply Redox with merino wool are accredited to Zque, an "ethical wool" program that sets standards on environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Lenzing FR®: A true a wonder of textile engineering, Lenzing is derived from beechwood. Most other extreme performance fibers are produced chemically, or heavily chemically treated.

"As cellulosic fibers derived from the basic raw material of wood, Lenzing fibers are part of a self-contained raw material cycle and are thus biodegradable. Cellulose arises in the course of photosynthesis in plants. In this biochemical process, a plant converts carbon dioxide (CO2) from air and water into organic material with the help of energy from the sun and releases oxygen (O2) into the air. Accordingly, forests serve as a supplier of energy and a climate-neutral raw material. When wood is used, no more carbon dioxide can be released than was previously contained in the plant."