I wear the hooded one 5 out of 7 days and it never smells. I naturally run hot and it seriously feels like I never sweat in your stuff. By far the best base layer I've ever owned.



I thought I would drop you a note to tell you a few things about the hoodie i purchased at the Edmonton sled show. I seriously wear it every day now that sledding has started. I have told absolutely everyone about how warm and dry it keeps me and the hood doubles as a lining for your helmet... by far the best piece of clothing I have ever purchased. Today is my 13th day of riding this year. This stuff is incredible. I cant wait to get the bottoms as well... Seriously the best winter base layer ever.



I'm obsessed with base layers. Ortovox, HH, smart wool, Patagonia, etc....I buy top of the line base layers. My point being, I know the competition...and your stuff might be the best. It's got a great thickness--not to thin, not to thick. Not to tight, not to baggy. These are critical factors for layering and you nailed it. Great softness. Not itchy at all and I put it on right out of the mail. Good thumb holes. Good close fitting hood But not restrictive. I'm very impressed and I'm a pretty tough judge of baselayers. Definitely let me know if you come out with some more products.



Hands down the best base-layer I have ever worn. Unbelievable performance in all areas. We demand a lot from our equipment and your product exceeded our expectations. 



I seriously love this shirt for hunting; so warm and cozy. But I didn't realize how amazing it performed until I had a pack a moose up a 400m hill... 4 agonizing hours but somehow your shirt kept me dry and comfortable! It seriously blew my mind. Oh, and blood washes right out too ;) 



I was blown away at how amazing the shirt is when ATVing. The dryness was unexpected and I was never too hot or too cold.